Welcome. This is more than fitness.

It seemed appropriate to start this Blog with a welcome post. Truth is, I have been holding off on posting any of many, many, posts I have been building in my mind during my own journey through motherhood until I officially wrote something as a welcome. So, this will be that!

As a personal trainer to women with a background in psychology, a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, a yoga instructor who relies on being comfortable sharing and receiving feelings AND as a mother with 3 kids, several pregnancy losses, many challenges and interesting curve balls throughout each child’s life to this point, there is a lot of content I want to cover. Like, a lot.

The priority of my life’s work is to connect, support and build community for women and mothers. In all the ways I know, I will do this. I hope that in sharing my knowledge, and lived experiences I may be able to educate and empower as well as normalize and shine a light on some of the stuff we just NEED to normalize and shine a light on!

This work is deeply personal to me. It takes a certain willingness for vulnerability in order for me to create the space I want to create for you and it only works when you in turn are willing to share or at least take a close look at your journey as well. One thing I find my self saying repeatedly is that we, as mothers, are not alone. Not ever. We share so much more than we know and I wish for us each to feel the relief that this truth offers.

At The Motherhood Project, yes, we are providing fitness, yoga, and other support services to prenatal and postnatal women however, we are also using these things as a vessel to the good stuff. WELLNESS. The connection, the community, the return to or appreciation of self. The heart of it all, whatever that looks like to you. Our plan and desire is to create something authentic with real, sustainable value that can be felt. We want you to be a part of it. We want to be a part of it.

Thank you for your support. You are doing an amazing job. And, WELCOME.



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