Rainbow Mom Yoga



“When we tell our stories in a safe community, all the things that separate us go away”
-Sara Markley

This class is for RAINBOW MOMS meaning: any mom who has had a baby born after a previous pregnancy loss, those who are currently pregnant after a previous pregnancy loss and those who are trying to conceive after a previous pregnancy loss.

This class will include discussion and story sharing (for those comfortable doing so) followed by a Gentle Movement/Restorative Yoga practice. As a Rainbow Mom myself, I firmly believe in the power of sharing our stories with others who have had a similar experience. There is a deep sense of empathy, comfort and support available here.

Privacy, safety and the honouring of your journey in a non-judgemental and compassionate way are of the utmost priority. Above all, I would like to continue to create connection and the awareness that we are not alone-even through the tough stuff that can feel the most isolating.

**While this class is intended to shine a light on hope and provide a space for healing to occur, it may also trigger difficult emotions. Attendees should be aware that this is a peer support group and does not/should not take the place of further professional support you may be seeking. Referrals available*