During the pandemic, our mandate of providing community, connection and support to all mothers and moms to be, remains as important, if not more so, then ever before.

We believe strongly in the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of coming together for classes and while we will continue to host online, virtual options, we will also begin to offer the fun, safe and amazing outdoor/indoor classes that the community has grown accustomed to seeing from us-for now PHYSICALLY distanced. Socially, we can’t wait to connect with you!




Below are the details of our safety protocols. Please note, our protocols listed below are in ADDITION to the thorough safety plans in place at our host facilities which must also be followed. Your health and wellness are at the top of our list!

1-Outdoor/Indoor class size limited to 5-12 participants depending on class type and location.

2-No shared equipment. For outdoor classes, you will be provided with resistance bands. Indoor classes will have access to additional equipment that will be for your own personal use. All equipment is cleaned before and after class sessions. Please bring your own mat.

3-Physical distance will be observed at all times and participants will be at least 2m apart. In all classes to date, there is MORE than the recommended distance between participants.

4-Masks are mandatory upon arrival to your class. Once you are set up at your designated station, your mask may be removed. Masks are to be worn after class as you exit the facility as well. All training staff will follow the same policy and wear their masks at any point they must be off their coaching area or are unable to maintain appropriate distance for any reason.

5-Hand sanitizer will be available/accessible to all participants. As will additional cleaning supplies when necessary. Please sanitize your hands prior to entering your class location and upon exit.

6-There will be no baby island. In Mom and Baby classes, babies must remain close to you (mom) and within your designated floor space. Non mobile babies are welcome to be on your mat or an addition mat or blanket with you. Babies who are mobile must be contained to their stroller or approved equipment type.

6-Zero tolerance policy around sickness for both instructors/trainers and participants. If you are unwell, feeling off, or symptomatic of illness, you will not be allowed to participate in class. Should your instructor feel unwell, there will be a substitute or the option for an online class that day. We ask that all participants and training staff refer to the governments self assessment tool here and complete prior to each session:


7-Flexible make up policy. We are expanding our policy to one that is unlimited at this time. If you need to miss a class due to illness, or any other reason, you can make it up at any other session running during the month.

8-Online, LIVE, virtual classes are available and a fantastic option for make ups, if/when you are unwell, or if you are uncomfortable with an indoor class format.

9- All mental health support groups, workshops, education opportunities and community events will take place online via Zoom until further notice.

We are here to support you in all the ways we can and are confident that by taking the above measures, we can continue to do so in a safe and mutually beneficial way! 


**all outdoor classes are weather dependant and cancellation will be at the discretion of your instructor. If weather poses an issue, the option to hold class online that day will also be presented**